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David McKee 

Music Composer & Sound Designer

Specializing in a wide range of genres including contemporary orchestral, jazz fusion, and electronic, David is a versatile and experienced sound designer and music composer for video games. With a particular focus on creating vibrant and dynamic audio for colorful and whimsical game worlds, his expertise in sound design tools such as Wwise allows him to bring your project to life with high-quality sound effects and immersive music. From fast-paced action to lighthearted and playful, he has a proven track record of creating compelling audio that enhances the gaming experience.


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Other Projects


Sci-Fi Audio Drama

A world inhabited by AI is silent for 300 years. Now a scientist from Earth visits to find out why.


My name is David McKee and I produce in manygenres, but my specialty is bright, upbeat, and colorful sounding instrumentals with strong melodies. I feel that my tracks are best suited for family friendly games and cartoons although they can work in other places as well. I have been producing various types of electronic music for over 14 years. The genres I focus the most on are jazz fusion, R&B, pop, dance, and drum’n bass.

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